Things To Do

  1. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei – Even though I dont fully understand Japanese I still have intentions to translate it. Though it could take a while, but I think better late than never is a good thing too.
  2. Shinmai Maou no Testament – This is still up for debate if I can I will but the original translators seem to be doing it just fine though their speed is killing me.
  3. What Ever I’m Asked to Do – If there is any specific translation you want I’ll do it Only IF requester provides link to RAWs or emails the file to me.
  4. Dragon Wing – Ok so this is a book that I’m working on since I talked with a publisher and said if done right they would publish, So I’m posting here so I can get feed back. Thanks.

10 thoughts on “Things To Do

  1. would you please translate “papa no iukoto o kikinasai” and “black bullet”? i have searched it everywhere but no translator is doing it right now. i apologize if i’m being rude by asking such a request to you. but, if you find it interesting and want to translate it, it would be very great 🙂 by the way, have a great holiday!


    • It is an option that I have considered doing, but at this point in time it is not. I am having difficulty trying to find a translator that would be willing to translated for me but everything cost money. And the ave. amount is the cost of a university lvl. college class.


      • man, that’s quite expensive.. i wish that i can help you, but it would take years for me to study japanese since my japanese skill is almost 0 😦 but, i will start studying it around next month. so, i hope i can master it quickly and help you with danmachi (since i like to read it too XD). thank you for the reply though 🙂


  2. I have raws of series. As you mentioned if you request then provide raws, I can provide you raws of Mahouka koukou vol 17,18,19. I Know you also have have raws for this and many other novel series. I can give you raws for no game no life volumes(leave the translated ones as you like), for black bullet, log horizon and itsuka tenma no kuro usagi volumes. Pls translate them. Thanks. Please reply.


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