The war that united the Angels, both Holy and Fallen, Devils, and the Gods had been over for a decade. Their goal in sealing the monster, Samuel, was finished. As time passed the Great War was forgotten, as were the being who fought. The four sealed Samuel inside the Earth, and split the knowledge between themselves, so no one could unleash the terror. Gaia knew the monster would one day recover and break free of the prison to take revenge.

In order to prepare, the Earth Goddess chose a human protector and sent the boy, Malice, to the wise trainer, the Great Dragon, in order to train him. The boy received many gifts and knowledge from his training, but the divine beings proved to be of further use. The Angels of Heaven bequeathed to Malice, swords of heavenly steel, capable of cutting anything. The Fallen Angels gave him armor tougher than dragon scales, and the Devils gave him battle wisdom and technique. Finally, the Gods took from Malice the swords and imbued them with the power of nature with which they were closely tied.

As the years went by the boy became a splendid warrior, the human’s hero, but alas it could not last. Soon Malice became proud and arrogant, causing the boy to become a battle maniac. One day in search of competition, he stumbled upon an ancient library which spoke of the monster, Samuel. Overcome with anticipation, Malice set out to gain the three keys to unlock the sacred seal. He ruthlessly cut down anybody who tried to stop him, even Michael; Heaven’s best warrior had been forced to retreat.

When the winter solstice appeared the great evil was unleashed. The battle was a fierce one, Malice though started to lose to the monster, Samuel, as it started to regain its previous form. The tides of the battle slowly started to change and soon Malice was on his knees realizing his mistake. With the last of his energy, Malice blasted Samuel back into the Great Seal only slightly weaker than the original, but before the final moment Samuel poisoned Malice and the once proud hero with an exhausted strength, turned to stone and dissolved with the wind.

With the last of their power Gaia and the Dragon, summoned the weapons and armor of Malice and sent them into space. Only to be returned at a time when Samuel would be close to breaking the Seal. The Great Dragon knew his body would not last to see that time, so he sealed his body and sent his conscience to reside with the weapons and armor. With the final acts of the group everybody left to return to their homes. The Angels returned to their respected places, the Devils into the Underworld, and the Gods back to Olympus never to set foot upon the Earth again. Before going into slumber Gaia, erased their existence from the human’s minds and all traces of the war.

With those final acts the world lived in peace as time slowly passed.


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