Chapter 2

Chapter 2- Change


When I woke up, I found myself on a hospital bed with railing and other hospital equipment, and I discovered that my body was tied down to the bed then discovered why.

My body was different. First, my skin had a scaly texture, in some areas it was still pale like my normal skin but around my arms and chest were black lines. As I broke through the restraints, I found that my fingertips had a sharper feel to them, my feet were a bit longer and talon shaped, and on my arms at the elbow were two long spines above and below the joint.

I went to the sink to wash my face and in the mirror, I saw that my teeth were sharp and pointed, while my eyes were still blue, they now were slits like a reptiles and darker in color. My short black hair was now a bit longer and instead of looking like hair, it looked like flames.

“What is this,” I said aloud as I touched my hair, it still felt like hair, but when I shifted it around it moved like burning flames. As I was studying my face, movement caught my eye in the mirror, but as I turned around nothing was behind me.

Strange, I looked back into the mirror I saw it again on the other side, but again nothing was behind me. As I turned and faced away from the mirror, I felt my back touch the sink. Now this wouldn’t have been a problem but I was easily four feet from the sink. As I turned and looked at my back, I saw a tail about five feet long that was black as well. I could also tell that the black lines on my chest were originally coming from my back along my spine. The marking reminded me of claw marks. As I walked around the room, I found my balance was significantly better with the tail, and my eyesight was improved as well.

I was glad I made it through the whole incident in one piece, but I looked at my shirt it was covered in blood and cut up in the area where I was impaled, and my jeans had a couple a scorch marks along with two new holes in them. But, hey at least I had clothes.

Once I was comfortable, I went over to the door and tried to open it, but the handle was locked. As I knocked on the door as hard as I could it left a dent inside, so I tried it a little bit softer. The noise the door made seemed like I hit it hard.

“It seems my strength was also improved,” I mumbled to myself as I look at the dent. As I started rapping at the door, I heard footsteps walking this way, but no it was too far away. After I waited for five minutes the footsteps got louder, then I heard the mechanism on the door unlock then two people walked in the door.

The first person who walked in was a doctor; he was about in his mid-thirties. The doctor had old, round glasses which looked like they from the fifties, and in his hands were a clipboard, a pen, and a syringe for taking blood. Now the person who walked in with the doctor was a soldier. His uniform identified him as Colonel Andrew Jackson, which I found funny, he had a very serious look on his face as he studied the large dent in the steel door. Now the Colonel was about six feet tall, and looked like he could fight without mercy. In his hands, he held a machine gun and at his waist were two pistols.

Seeing this sight made me take an unnatural step back. The doctor looked up, and chuckled, “There is nothing to be afraid of here, son.”

“Well Doc, I feel that’s a little easy for you to say with the guns on your side.” I told him in a joking manner. He turned around a look at the Colonel, and shrugged his shoulders.

“My name is Doctor Adams,” he explained, “and I can assume that your name is Peter.”

Before I could ask how he knew this he brought out my wallet, and said, “Sorry we had to find out who you were.” Ok, I could take this excuse, and put the wallet back in my front pocket and pulled out my phone while sighing. My brand, new, two hundred dollar phone had a clean cut through it and was partially melted. Great, I thought as I placed it back in my pocket.

“Ok, Peter could you please go sit on the bed so I could take a blood sample?” Dr. Adams asked. I obliged with what he said, as he put the needle to my new skin it bent around not even scratching the surface. He then pulled out another needle and replaced it, then he tried again, but this time he put the needle between the two scales. With the new needle in place, the doctor pulled the syringe back and my blood started filling up inside of it. Once he stopped, Dr. Adams placed the syringe on a metal tray next to the bed, while he was taking notes. Then I saw my red blood started to turn an acid green color, as we both looked at it the syringe the fluid was in started to melt, as well as the melt pan. The liquid spilled through the table and into the floor.

“Well that has never happened before, did you know that this would happen. No, of course you wouldn’t. Ah let us try a saliva sample.” he said deep in thought. He took a small cork vial out and asked me to open my mouth. When I did that Dr. Adams took the vial and ran it on my tongue, then re-corked the vial. As the doctor placed it in his jacket the vial melted with a sizzle.

“Hmmhm. Interesting, your body sure changed a lot in the time you were asleep.” the doctor commentated.

“What day is it exactly?” I asked.


“Oh so I’ve only been asleep for a few hours then that’s good.”

“No, it’s Monday a week later. You have been asleep for a full week.” Dr. Adams explained.

Before I could ask the next question my stomach asked it for me, and the doctor chuckled, “Just give me a few more minutes, and then we’ll get you some food.”

So the doctor took out a tape measure and wrote down the numbers of my arms, legs, feet, and the tail. When we were finished the Colonel led the way to the kitchen.

“Where are we anyways?” I asked.

“We are underneath the Navy Hospital next to the Cory Base.”


* * *


In the kitchen, I started eating all the food in sight; it’s amazing how hungry sleeping can make you. After I cleaned up, the Colonel led me back to the room, which looked more like a prison now. I did not like that, but before I could say anything Dr. Adams walked in.

“Ok Peter this is going to be your room for the duration of your stay.” he told me.

“Don’t I get to see my family, I’m sure they are worried, and what about school?” I asked, starting to get on edge.

“Well your family is now on a cruise which you were scheduled for, I believe the Navy helped get that matter straightened out. As for your education, we will figure that out later, but don’t worry you’re not going anywhere until we figure out what to do with you.” The doctor’s true colors showed face and this made me feel even more in danger. Suddenly I had this gut wrenching feeling and I started seeing a red haze. I fell on the floor in pain as it felt like my back was splitting open. Then after a few seconds, I heard two massive rips while the pain flared then disappeared. As I stood back up my shirt fell off, I noticed more muscles were now attached to my back than what I had before, as I flexed them two large black wings entered my view, as I turned my head I noticed the wings had some blood red streaks mixed in with the full black. Then I felt them furl against my back, the movement felt like I had the wings for years.

“Those wings are at least ten feet long. What are you?” the doctor wondered.

As I tried to get my strength back the doctor walked out of their room, then turned  faced me with his hand on the door.

“Ok, I’m going to lock you in now and don’t try to escape the walls and door are electrified, so have fun we’ll run some test on you tomorrow.” Dr. Adams explained as he shut the door. Then with a pop the door and walls started to hum with electricity, as I walked to the door I extended a finger and started to touch the door then, ‘Pop’ the current went through me and the current hit the floor.

“These scales must be like armor,” I thought to myself as I examined the charred floor. Since, I had some resistance to electricity; I decided it was time for me to leave. As I looked at the door, I recalled how I left a dent in it just from knocking. So what would happen if I punched it? I decided to give it a try, as my fist hit the door the metal cave in deeply. My next punch was next to the lock hoping to break it. As I grabbed the handle and turned it I heard a small snapping sound as the door popped open. Then as I walked out the door, I heard:

‘Click, click’

As I turned around and saw two military guards holding pistols at me. Before they did anything I lunged at them and ripped the guns from them, and smashed them. I quickly turned around and headed for an exit. As I was running up a staircase, I heard alarms going off in the building.

Finally, I found the main lobby of the hospital, but then I had a serious problem.

In front of me stood a whole squad of people holding rifles pointed at me.

“Um… I was just looking for the bathroom. Sorry I took a wrong turn, I’m going to try that door over there.” I said while pointing off to the side. Then I started running in the opposite direction, I started running right when the guns went off, the whole room started exploding.

As I ran out the door into the forest, I felt a sharp pain in my side, but ignored it and kept on running.

“Ok,” I thought, “where can I go the house is not an option, Patrick’s place is too far away. Maybe I can go there.” I started to running in the direction of an acquaintance’s house; I sure hope she’ll let me stay.

The house I arrived at was one of the larger homes in a private neighborhood, and nobody lived next door. I walked up to the door and knock; I sure hope they are not asleep. After a few minutes, I knocked again.

“Who is it?” somebody yelled, man they did not sound happy.

“Um, a friend of Carson’s is she home?” I replied.

Then after a few seconds the locks on the door were undone, and the person who opened the door was Carson.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“It’s me, Peter; do you think you could let me stay here for the time being?”

“Well…” she started saying then, “Oh my god! Your bleeding, quick come inside.”

I looked down at my side, and sure enough blood was slowly flowing from an open wound. As I walked inside, Carson showed back up with a pair of tweezers, a sewing needle, and thread.

“Turn around and let me see it.” She told me and I jumped a little when I felt the cold steel go into my flesh. I felt something coming out, I looked back and saw that it was a bullet that was pulled out of me, and the way it was shaped made it look like a magnum round. Then like the syringe earlier the bullet and tweezers dissolved into nothing. After a few seconds, I felt the skin on my back heal and I felt good as new.

“Ok you have a lot of explaining to do, Peter. What is going on?” Carson asked, it does look like I’m getting any sleep tonight.


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