Chapter 5

Chapter 5- Lightning


Back inside the cavern, I saw myself facing the twister again. Well that is not entirely true instead of facing it, I was actually running away from it. As I strategically ran-away I thought of how to stop a twister moving at 100 mph, while injured, wrapped in bandages, and sore, very sore. While I was running I happened to look up, and I saw the air currents again. When I looked at them, I got an idea for stopping the twister. I turned and faced the natural disaster and analyzed the weakest area. Once I found it, I slashed my wings and cut through the weak zones, when I did that I watched as the twister became unstable and collapsed in on itself.

Then the air from the twister showed up and started to reform around me, though it didn’t affect me I still felt the force of it. The air ripped off the bandages that I had only to reveal that my body had healed. While the twister still spun the air turned to smell of ozone and sparks of lightning sprang  out through random parts in the twister. Suddenly four bolts of lightning appeared and struck the spike on my arms. I watched as the lightning arced up and down the spikes slowly carving something into the bone.

After a few minutes, everything just stopped and cleared away. When I looked at my arms again, I discovered that the lightning had carved a lightning bolt into the bone. As I was studying the symbol, the dragon showed up and looked at the marking as well.

“Interesting, it seems you now have the ability to not only control the wind and air, but you can now manipulate lightning.” the dragon said after a few minutes of thought.

“How is that possible, and what do I need to do?” I asked.

“I thought the answer would be quite simple: just cause friction.” the dragon said with a snort.

With that I started to rub my hands together, so after I heard a humming sound.I looked down at my hands and saw little arcs of electricity. As I pointed pointed forward, I felt the power shoot forward, then with a bang the lightning exploded into a tree.

“Cool.” I then started to charge my hands up faster and this time I extended both of my arms and watched as massive traces of electricity just surging through my body. With blast like a shotgun, I watched as massive bolt of electricity shot through a few trees, splintering them, and stopping at a boulder which split in two.

While I was practicing the dragon came up and asked, “Are you ready to move on?”

I nodded my head ready for the next lesson.