Chapter 4

Chapter 4- Understanding

The next day, Monday, was going to be the first day that school would be in session since the meteor accident. I took a trench coat from the closet in my own home, so I would have something that fit over my back. I decided against flying to school since it would probably draw attention to myself, and to avoid trouble with the ground air-control or whatever it was called. When I arrived in school, I noticed that the school was not repaired yet, but the destruction was secured with yellow police tape.

As I walked into first period, I sat in the back of the class where I hoped nobody would notice me. I did notice that Patrick wasn’t in school today, which didn’t surprise me since he is never here to begin with. As the first bell rang and the teacher started to call roll everything was fine, until the teacher called on me and I gave myself away.

The teacher looked at me shocked, “What happened to you?”

“I do not know.” I replied.

At this point everybody was trying to get a look at me, so I went to the front of the class and took off the trench coat. The guy who tried taking on the challenge when the meteor crashed ran up to me and tried to hit me with a very large book yelling, ‘Monster!’

His actions made me mad, my tail grabbed him by his foot and lifted him into the air. He then threw the book at me in a desperate attempt, but as I brushed it aside, my fingers cut threw the book like water, tearing it to shreds.

“How can you call me monster,” I started asking, then my wings came out, “when this is what you were trying to obtain first? I will tell you now, do not cross me, I have very limited control over these abilities.” I then dropped him on the ground and watched him scurry away, as I walked back to my seat I noticed my feet had clawed into the ground. When I sat down in my seat, the back end snapped off and the seat crunched down under my weight. Great.

* * *

The rest of the classes went by just fine, until lunch time. In the makeshift cafeteria, they served spicy chicken sandwiches. As I was eating the food, I suddenly sneezed, but as it happened a strong torrent of flame came out of my mouth. I watched it fly across the room and burn a hole into the wall and continue onto the next. As I sat there shocked, I noticed I had gained unwanted attention to myself, so I stood up and left the area.

When I walked out, I saw Carson glaring at me with her arms crossed.

“Hi. How are you?” I asked.

“What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be at my house training remember!”

Yeah Carson didn’t sound too happy, I was going to argue with her, but I knew she was right. So I nodded, and going outside to take flight. While I flew through the air, I thought about how the day had turned into ruin. I’m probably not going back to school for awhile.

Then I heard a loud cutting sound, like a fan slicing through air. I turned around to see where the noise was coming from, as I hovered in midair I saw a Black- Hawk Helicopter a few feet in front of me.

“You are flying in a restricted air space, leave now or we will use deadly force,” the pilot called.

I turned around to go home, as I was leaving I heard a rocket being shot. As I flew out of the way of it, I watched the rocket fly by me, and watched as it turned around and came back towards me. As I started flying to avoid the heat seeker, my mind started to analyze the situation. I then saw different ways in which I could avoid the problem, it was very strange.

As I flew upwards, I then dropped and watched the rocket fly by. While the rocket turned around I sucked in a large gust of air and breathed a torrent of fire. As the rocket blew up, I saw a small vial with a fluorescent green liquid fly out. I flew up and grabbed the vial but once I touched it I saw a vision. Inside the vision, I saw a creature chained to the ground with ancient seals on its body and chains. It looked like a bit like me except it was much larger, stronger, and it didn’t have wings. The creature looked up, its red eyes had a murderous glare to them and as it rattled its chains, the creature laughed with anticipation. The largest seal on its body glowed bright gold, then like glass it shattered and I was back in the real world.

When I came back into focus, I saw that I was free falling as I tried to pull up I was still having difficulty and ended up crashing into an old oak tree. As I climbed out of the tree, I looked at the vial again, but when I went to look at it; the vial was gone. Back inside Carson’s house, I saw the dragon sitting on the table waiting for me.

“Boy that was some splendid fire. It rivaled that of a full dragon, we just need it to last longer.” the dragon told me.

“How do you know about that?” I questioned.

“Our minds are connected so I can see what you see, and later on so will you.” it explained, “ Now follow me.”

We went outside into the backyard. In the middle of the yard was a ring of granite about six feet in diameter. When I stood on it, I felt a surge of energy, as I looked down to see where it was coming from I noticed small waves appearing in the ground coming towards me. I looked at the dragon.

“It seems you can now see the Current of the Earth, give me your hand.” the dragon stated.

I extended my hand, the dragon raked its claws into me and I watched as the blood fell onto the ground. Once on the ground my blood started turning the poison green color, at the same time it started flowing and moving into the outside of the granite ring. When it stopped, the blood started glowing black, and then I felt myself being moved.

Once I could see again, I saw that I was in a cavern. The cavern looked like a whole new world, there were trees and rocks everywhere. A mile or so away was an active volcano, and a giant lake with streams connecting everywhere. On the wall of the cavern, I saw a large emblem. The emblem was snow white, inside the center was a black dragon which looked like it was spewing red fire. Around the border was the Ouroboros, the snake was a deep, sickly green. I also sense that there were animals here as well though I didn’t see any. In the air, there were constant streams of air, the strange thing was I could actually see the air current: just like when a person can see the current of a river.


When I turned around to see what made that noise, I saw a giant, emerald dragon, which was as big as a semi-truck and trailer.

“Hahaha, I seem to have shocked you with my original form.” the dragon said, I then realized it was the same voice as the miniature one in the house.

“It seems that you can sense the world around you, and feel the world’s current. Now lets see if you can harness the elements and have them at the mercy of your will.”

Before I could ask what the dragon was saying, it shot a massive fireball at me. My wings acted on their own as they cut through the air making an ‘X’. The power from the wings sailed through the air destroying the fireball and stirring of jetstreams. When everything cleared the ground had two large, deep cuts in them. I looked at the dragon in time to see him pick up a giant boulder and throw it at me. Before it smashed me, I threw my hands up to block the boulder, but it never hit me. I looked at the boulder and saw that it was hovering in mid-air. I put my arms down, and the boulder crashed to the ground.

“Cool.” I said.

“I’m impressed are you ready to start training.” the dragon asked.

“Lets go.” I responded.

* * *

When I opened my eyes, I saw that I was in a room laying on a bed. The next thing I noticed was how much pain I was in. As I got out of bed, I realized that I looked like a mummy with bandages everywhere. I felt something heavy land on my head.

“Hahaha. Boy that was a good idea trying to reverse the twister, but quite dangerous; it all but ripped your body into pieces. I had to drag your body to the back door here, so that girl could fix you up.” As the dragon was talking I remember seeing the twister, and getting sucked into it.

As I got up, I saw that my body was not healing properly, “The twister is still standing so your body will not heal like its supposed to.”

The dragon jumped in to my lap, while talking, “Boy you do not get a choice in the matter you must stay on task and face the problems that confront you, always.”

With that I nodded in agreement, stood up, and went to the living room. In the room, I saw Carson drinking a cup of coffee. When she looked up, she waved me over.

“Peter, sit down I’m going to tell a story.” she told me.

“Aren’t we a little old to be telling stories?” I joked.

“Well this is more like a legend, than a story.” she explained, “A few thousand years ago, an ancient evil was sealed inside the Earth. Then a hero thought they could destroy it, but in the end, the man realized he was wrong and resealed it at a price. The heroes powers disappeared and many nations to this day, dread the coming of this new hero. So what did you think of the story?”

“Ummm. That is… a great story, but isn’t it missing a lot of background detailed info?” I asked.

“I’ll tell the rest another day, but be careful legends are based on truth.” With that she stood up, while saying, “Now hurry up and go heal yourself. You might need to be at top peak at any time.”

“Both of you make it sound like I’m going to fight some monster.” I said as I walked out the door.

“More than you think.” I heard Carson mumble, but I wasn’t sure if that is what she said.


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