Chapter 3

Chapter 3- Teacher


The next morning, I woke up on the couch in Carson house, neither one of us got to sleep until late at night. It took a while for me to explain the whole situation and how I didn’t want to become a lab rat for the military. Since school was out do to damage for the next three days, I was able to relax a bit, but I can’t go anywhere until I figure out what I’m capable of doing.

As I was getting up, I heard Carson calling for me.

“Peter are you up yet?” she asked.

“Yes” I replied, I wonder what she was doing in the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen and found she was cooking some breakfast.

“So what’s the occasion?” I questioned, eyeing the buffet.

“Well since you are staying here for a while, I figured I might show off some of my cooking ability.” Carson told me as she set a plate of food in front of me.

“Don’t you cook for your parents every so often?”

The minute I said that I could tell I asked a bad question, Carson’s turned a little sad, “They died a few years ago in a car crash.”

“Oh, I’m sorry I would not have asked if I had known.” I quickly apologized but then something else came to mind.

“Doesn’t this mean it’s just us staying here and nobody else?” I asked.

“Yes, but since I know you are a responsible person, I have nothing to worry about. Right, Peter?

I got what she was implying, so I just nodded my head and agreed with the person wielding the sharp cooking knife. As I sat down in the chair, I felt like I was being watched, as I turned around I saw a statue of a dragon sitting on the table in the living room.

“Where did you get that statue at Carson?”

She looked up at noticed the statue as well, “I don’t know, this is the first time I have ever seen it.”

I got up and stood in front of the dragon, as I reached down and tried to touch it I felt like lightning flew through my fingers to the statue. A few seconds later the statue erupted into flames and continued to blaze, but the interesting thing was only the statue burned.

As the statue burned, colors and images appeared with in the flame, the most pronounced was the black and poison green. We stood transfixed for ten minutes, then all of a sudden the the flame exploded on itself with a small pop.

In the place of the stone statue was an emerald dragon. As I stared at the dragon, it stared back at me and then:

“Hahahahaha. Boy you excepting the swords really did change you, I had a feeling you would be different.” the dragon said.

“Wait a minute,” I said realizing where I heard that voice from, “you’re the voice from the orb that went into my body.”

Once I had said that, the dragon nodded in response, “Indeed, it was I who was inside the orb but in reality the orb was your gift since the beginning. While you were asleep, I found many impressive qualities with in you. If anybody else had taken the risk they would have died.”

This information disturbed me greatly, he made it sound like I never had a choice in the matter.

“Who are you anyways?” I asked, the way the dragon spoke made it sound ancient and knowledge filled.

“I am the Great Dragon, holder of this world’s knowledge. The beginning and end of my race, and I will be the one to instruct you in your new abilities.” the dragon explained.

When I heard all about who the dragon was it didn’t really suprise me, I mean really, it was like the dragon was reciting titles giving himself a grand appearance.

“Boy you doubt my abilities do you not?” the dragon inquired, I shrugged my shoulders in response, “Very well I will show you.”

With that the dragon flew outside into the backyard, Carson and I followed it and watched it land on a bird bathe.

“Take up a fighting stance over there.” the dragon said while pointing to a spot in the yard.

When I got in a stance in the yard, the dragon blew out a small ember and the serious atmosphere disappeared, when I started to laugh.

“You mean thats it, haha.” I said while laughing.

“You will see, boy.”


Slowly the ember came at me, as I went to swat it away the ember hit me in the chest. I then felt a shock wave fly through my body as I went flying across the yard into the stone wall. My body felt as if I was burned by the sun, at the same time it felt like being hit by a car. I looked at my chest, I was a charcoaled mess, scales and flesh had been burned down to the bone, I then watched as my flesh started to knit itself back together and the scales slowly appearing in place.

All while the healing went on the dragon was laughing, “Hahahaha, they always fall for the ember blast.”

The way it was acting really made me mad, “Hey dragon! I thought you were going to teach me a lesson.” I called to the dragon, it looked at me in response.

“How is this possible?! That blast should have incapacitated you for the next few days, you shouldn’t have healed this quickly.” the emerald creature cried out in shock.

In the moment of confusion I lunged out at the dragon, I felt my fist make contact, then the creature disappeared, and a second later my body went limp. I couldn’t move.

“How can this be? Why can’t I move?” I questioned.

“Well quite simple really, I hit all of your pressure points within a second and cut your tail off. Do not worry though it will grow back in a few days time.” the dragon said, then I felt it press down on my back and I could move again.

I looked on the ground and saw my cut off tail, I bent down to touch it and the tail dissolved into dust. Then I felt a large pain in my lower back.

“Impossible! Your tail has already healed back in place, Why is your healing ability so fast?” I heard the dragon say, I turned and looked behind me the best I could and saw my tail reattached.

“I don’t know why. What I do know is I look like a dragon.” when I said that, I felt my wings come out. The dragon looked at the wings, jumped on my head, and started to feel my muscles and wings.

“Good, they are strong. Ok you are ready.” the dragon grabbed me.

“Wait ready for what?

“Flying of course.” With that the dragon threw me in the air, a few hundred feet or so.

I started panicking immediately, “Extend your wings, they will do the rest!”

I suddenly heard the dragon in my head, I did what it said and opened my wings and started gliding down. I started moving the wings and realized how much fun this was and flew high up into the air, slowly spiraling back to the ground.

“Wow that was fun.” I said. I looked at Carson, she looked a little irritated.

“Carson want to go for a quick flight?”

“No Peter, I’m trying to figure out what’s going on here.” she said sounding a little irritated.

The dragon then looked at Carson closely, then softly chuckled.

“So the three great powers from the holy war finally managed to have a mix-blooded child. A lot surely has changed since my slumber. So tell me girl, who was your sire?”

“I do not know what you are talking about, I’m just a regular human.” Carson replied, she was getting red in the face for some reason. She looked nervous.

“Oh, I see you’re trying to keep Peter from learning your secret. Do you perhaps have feelings for this boy?” the dragon started asking questions.

“Like him? Hell no.”

“Looks like I have to force the answer out of you.”

When Carson answered the feelings question, it kinda hurt but I knew the answer already, but I figured I would help her out.

“Hey dragon, can’t you just wait until another day to figure out what ever you are talking about?” I asked.

“No.” the dragon said, then he took his hands and clapped them together. The force from the clap passed through all of us. Then Carson started to glow. Literally. She gave off a white light that was as bright as a supernova. When the light died down everything was still the same except for Carson’s appearance. She had wings as white as snow. On her head was a halo wreathed in black flame.

Carson looked in shock at her new image, “What did you do?”

“I simply cast away the enchantment concealing your form for a few seconds, but I see the answer now. Your father was the archangel, Michael, judging from the wings and you wear the crown of your mother, Lilith, queen of the devils. How old are you?” the dragon asked his question casually, it was almost like he didn’t even do anything wrong.

“Seventeen” Carson replied, she sounded very hurt, like she was forced to remember something. She then turned around and walked inside the house.


* * *

“You know you didn’t have to do that, right.” I told the dragon, “I’m sure she would have told us eventually.”

“I did it so you could learn that there are other beings in the world,” the dragon explained, ” Now you’re going to start training your body, so that you can have control over every muscle. First, go to that tree limb and lift yourself up repeatedly with you tail. Do it until I say stop.”

Before I could say anything the dragon said, ‘Don’t argue, just do it!’ and so  I started to do what he asked. By the time Carson had called me for dinner, the old dragon had me do all sorts of stuff, even flying exercises like mid-air cartwheels and hovering for minutes on end. All in all, I was so tired I almost fell asleep during dinner. After dinner I went and sat down on the couch.

“Peter, the showers open now, so go get in real quick.” Carson told me as she came down the stairs.

“Are you sure?” I questioned.

“Yes you smell like blood, burned meat, and sweat, so shower, now.” Carson handed me a towel as I walked up the stairs.

The first thing I noticed in the bathroom was that it was clean and well organized, the next thing I saw was that it was too small to maneuver in, so I had to sit in the shower scrunched in a ball. The shower itself was nice, with warm water washing my scales clean, which was a strange feeling.When I got out of the bathroom, I found a new pair of jeans waiting for me outside the door. I put the jeans on with no trouble at all, just had to add a hole to make room for my tail.

As I walked down the stairs, I heard something on the roof. When I went up there, it sounded like someone was crying, but when I went to look to see who the person was no one was there. Down in the kitchen, I saw Carson sitting at the table drinking a cup of tea.

” Hey thanks for the change of clothes.” I told her.

It looked like I interrupted her train of thought, “Hmm. Oh, yeah no problem. They belonged to my father and you two are roughly the same size, so I figured the jeans would fit.”

As I went to try a cup of tea, the dragon came in and jumped onto the table.

“So tomorrow, you will be staying here, and train do you understand.” it told me.

“Sorry can’t do that,” I explained, “I have school to attend.”

“Oh really? We will see how long that will last.” With that the dragon curled up and went to sleep.


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