Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Meteor!

‘Beep, Beep, Beep’

” Damn alarm, shut up.” I said, as I struggled to find the off switch. I looked at the calender, September 21, the Autumn Equinox it read on the calendar. So it would be a nice normal day, plus one other thing.

“Peter get down here and get ready for school. Just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you get to skip!” yelled my father.

That’s right it was my birthday.

As I walked out of my room, ready to go to school, I told my parents good morning and whacked my little brother on the head and went to put my stuff in the car. Both my parent were planning for the trip overseas for the family vacation cruise we won through a local raffle. As I ate a quick bowl of cereal, I watched the news channel about the once in a lifetime meteor that would pass through the atmosphere and then re-exit the atmosphere. When I finished breakfast, I went and cleaned my teeth and headed for school.


* * *


As I walked into first period, I saw my good friend, Patrick.

“So, Happy B-Day, what are you now? 18, right. Let’s go to the club to night and spend some money,” said Patrick as he jested with me.

“Hey now you know I can’t do that,” I said, while I tried to put him in a headlock.

Patrick just shrugged his shoulders, as the bell rang for class. As we walked into Algebra and sat down, I turned to the left and said, “Good Morning, Carson. How are you today?”

Now normally, I don’t get a response just a cold shoulder, so as I turned back to face the front,

“Hello and I’m doing fine.” she replied back.

“Dude did she just respond back?” Patrick asked me. I just nodded in response a little shocked. As the rest, of the class passed nothing really happened, as the bell rang to get out of class, I headed for history. In history, our teacher looks like a walking fossil that’s literally how old he is and thanks to that he usually gives us interesting stories about something, which was the case today. Today he talked about some war that was fought with dragons and angels, and the hero who supposedly gave his life to seal an ancient evil back into the Earth, but I know none of the stories are true they are all just made up fiction to entertain us and gives us an easy grade.

As we left for lunch the teacher said, “Don’t forget to watch the meteor fly by during lunch, I’m sure it will be interesting experience for some of you.”

As I packed up my stuff and walked to the cafeteria, Patrick waved me down at the usual table we eat at.

“So is today finally going to be the day, you ask Carson out on a date?” he questioned. When I heard him say that I started choking on my sandwich.

“What are you talking about!?” I sputtered. He was looking at me like I was stupid.

“You know you like her, right?” Patrick told me. Then he waved his hand and said, “Let me help you out.” Before I could say anything Carson walked up and sat down next to me.

“What do you need?,” she asked.

Patrick kindly gestured towards me and while saying, “It’s not me who needs you, it is actually Peter, here, who wanted to ask you a question.”

I glared at him real quick, and then asked my question.

“Do you have any interest in the meteor passing by today?”

I could tell the question caught Carson off guard, at the same time Patrick just shook his head sadly.

“No, It’s just a big rock passing by there is nothing about it to concern yourself. Now if that’s all the questions you have I’ll be leaving.” Carson responded. I looked at her carefully as she walked away because even I could tell that there was something wrong especially with the way she answered me. It was like fear permeated her very being.


“Of all the questions you could have asked, you had to pick the one about a rock? Don’t you know she has feelings for you?” he asked me. All I could do was shake my head, I couldn’t give him an answer because I didn’t know.

Suddenly I could hear a high piercing bell ring. When I looked at Patrick, I noticed he was looking at his watch, “Lunch isn’t over yet what’s with the bell,” he yelled over the noise.

I shrugged my shoulders; I started to get one of those really bad feelings in my gut.

Then, ‘ Shriiiiieeeek’ some girl was screaming. When I looked in her direction, I saw she was pointing into the sky. Suddenly the sky turned red and I saw the meteor coming towards us.

Now I would like to say that everybody left the cafeteria in a safe and calm manner, but that would be lying. To be honest it was mass hysteria, everybody for themselves. As I was getting out I saw Carson was stuck between two tables and was not going to make it in time. As I ran to her, I started to push the table over just enough to let her through as we ran towards the exit the meteor was crashing into the school roof. In the last moments, I pushed her through the door, just in time. The meteor had landed.

As soon as the debris cleared the students filed back into the cafeteria, looking at the rock it was roughly ten-by-fifteen feet. When the students approached the rock, strange glyphs around it and started rotating counter-clockwise around the meteor. After a few minutes the meteor slowly collapsed in on itself.

“What is that?” someone asked. It was a good question, too. Now in place of the meteor were four glowing swords of different designs which were rotating around a glowing, pulsing sphere.

Suddenly we heard a voice, “Come forward…” People started to panic when they heard the Voice; it didn’t take long for people to realize it came from the sphere.

“If anybody wishes to obtain great power, come forward and cast aside all emotions,” the Voice said.

After a few moments, “I’ll do it.” I turned to look it was one of the football players.

“Ah, somebody brave enough to risk it all, but to gain so much,” the Voice said. As the guy walked forward, the swords speared him at different areas and the sphere burned into his chest slowly, it looked like the guy was fighting to gain control.

“Stop!” I realized that I had said it for some reason, then the sphere and swords came out and returned to their original space. When the objects removed themselves, the guy collapsed and started to bleed from the wounds. I went forward and made sure the guy was still alive, and then I looked up at the other football players.

“Hey somebody come and drag him out of the way,” I instructed, “Somebody find something to bind the cuts with. Now!”

As the people took care the situation I turned to the sphere, “So what do you need, a host?”


“I’ll do it.” Once I said that I started to walk forward to the objects.

“Hahahahaha. Boy, I think you have more resolve than the last one. Let us see if you will survive the test.” Without warning my arms, legs, and spine were speared by the swords, then the orb entered my chest slowly. At first I didn’t feel anything then after a few seconds, my body felt like it was on fire, slowly burning away into nothing. It felt like hour but I knew it was probally only a few minutes that had passed by, I felt my conscience fading but I held on while looking through a red world. Suddenly the pain stopped, once I was certain everything was finished I tried to stand up, but my body was weak from what I endured, and I passed out from the pain. Right before I hit the ground, I felt something soft catch me.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 1

  1. Interesting and leaves with wanting more. But it needs more of a dramtic sense to as it. What i mean is that there is not much emotions shown the characters. No sense of panic or joy and so on.


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