Hey Guys Its Been Awhile . . .

Ok look I know it has been awhile, but I am not dead. Yet.

The last few months I have been working on something to contribute to the site allowing for happier viewers.

If everything works out correctly it should be up and running in a few months.

Thanks For Your Support,


DMCA Loophole

Hello Internet,

So recently I got a new job with  a new company called CommHubb or Community Hubub. The companies goal is to make a free internet which is in development. As some may have noticed from the title of this post this free internet that is being created will allow for DMCA to not have affect on those who are using the companies product. Meaning to ALL who enjoy making translation websites for Light Novels do not have to worry about the DMCA. AT ALL. . . LIKE SERIOUSLY.

Besides the DMCA perk. All people who join will automatically receive stock/shares in the company and when it picks up there is actual cash involved. Now I know what you are think, “This is a scam.” Well it’s not.

So to all people who wish to continue the FREE translation that is currently going on please go to this website:


If you have any question, please read the contents on the site. Also doing this does NOT cost you, the reader, ANYTHING. So guys please join. If you have any questions and still doubt what was on the site, comment below.


Ps. After a few years this company will be at or almost level with where Google stands today.

Help Please

I have some bad news. I have lost all of the files for the Lost text page. I any of you have the files from the novels listed on that page please email them to me at thelostlibrary@yahoo.com. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Terribly Sorry

Hello Internet-

Today I found out that it is possible to fill up a 2 Tb. hard drive, who knew? So that means I will not be able to release the LN PDFs today. My hard drives (3) ran out of space for all of the files. So please look for the PDFs some time during the week.